SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL: A Collaborative Masterpiece in Los Angeles

smile south central art by phobik god v septerhed v jason ostro

The Collaborative Canvas: SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL Unveiled


In 2014, the streets of Los Angeles, specifically at the intersection of Western and 47th Streets, bore witness to a collaborative masterpiece titled “SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL.” This artistic endeavor brought together the talents of three renowned artists: Jason Ostro, Phobik god, and Septerhed.

Creators: Art by Jason Ostro, Phobik god, and Septerhed

The collaborative efforts of Jason Ostro (@jasonostro), Phobik god (@phobikgod), and Septerhed (@septerhed) culminated in a visual spectacle that reflected their unique artistic styles. The project was not just about individual expression but the harmonious blend of diverse creative voices.

Project Origins: Random Act Projects and Smile South Central

Initiative: Random Act Projects

The initiative took shape under the banner of Random Act Projects, an organization that serves as a catalyst for artistic collaborations and community engagement. The project aimed to contribute to the visual vibrancy of South Central Los Angeles, infusing the streets with art that inspires and uplifts.

Project Name: Smile South Central

The collaborative mural was created as part of the larger initiative, PROJECT: Smile South Central. The name itself encapsulates the spirit of the project—bringing smiles to the community through the universal language of art.

Visual Details: El Pueblo Market Back Alley

Location Created: El Pueblo Market (Back Alley)

The mural found its home in the back alley of El Pueblo Market, situated at Western and 47th Streets in Los Angeles, California. This strategic location ensured that the artwork was not only visually impactful but also accessible to the local community.

Store Location: Western and 47th, Los Angeles

The mural’s physical presence became a landmark at the intersection of Western and 47th Streets, contributing to the cultural and artistic identity of South Central Los Angeles.

Photographic Capture: Through the Lens of Adam Ayala

Photograph by Adam Ayala (@che_2a)

The visual documentation of this collaborative masterpiece was skillfully captured by photographer Adam Ayala. His lens, attuned to the details and nuances of street art, preserved the essence of SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL for posterity.

Social Media Presence: #smilesouthcentral

Social Media Engagement: @smilesouthcentral

In the digital age, the project extended its reach through social media platforms. The hashtag #smilesouthcentral became a virtual gallery, allowing a global audience to engage with and appreciate the collaborative artwork.


Artistic Legacy: Western and 47th Streets, Forever Transformed

SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL is not merely a mural; it’s a testament to the transformative power of art in public spaces. The legacy of this collaborative masterpiece lives on in the hearts of the community and the ever-changing urban landscape of South Central Los Angeles.

Continued Inspiration: A Beacon of Creativity

As a beacon of creativity, SMILE SOUTH CENTRAL continues to inspire, inviting artists and enthusiasts to explore the intersection of individual expression and collective harmony. The collaboration between Jason Ostro, Phobik god, and Septerhed stands as a reminder that art has the power to transcend boundaries and create smiles in unexpected places.

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