INVADER’s Pixelated Invasion: SP26 in São Paulo

sp26 invader

Unmasking the Invader: INVADER’s Artistic Odyssey

The Man Behind the Pixels: INVADER

  • Born in 1969 in France, INVADER, a male artist, has etched his name in the annals of street art history. Known for his iconic pixelated mosaic works, INVADER’s art transcends boundaries, blending the digital with the tangible.

Chronicles of Invasion: SP26 Emerges

Pixelating São Paulo: “Invasão São Paulo” Map

  • In the tapestry of São Paulo’s street art, the years 2011-2013 witnessed the emergence of SP26, a distinctive piece by INVADER. This installation became a pivotal part of the “Invasão São Paulo” map, a testament to the artist’s global invasion of urban spaces.

52 Spots, One Mission: São Paulo, August 2011

  • SP26 was not merely an artwork; it was a pixelated conquest. INVADER strategically placed 52 mosaic pieces across São Paulo in August 2011, creating an intricate map of pixel invasions that became a hallmark of his signature style.

The Pixel Landscape: SP26’s São Paulo Abode

Rua Conselheiro Crispiniano – República: The Canvas Unveiled

  • Located on Rua Conselheiro Crispiniano in República, São Paulo, SP26 took root in the vibrant urban landscape. This specific spot, at 93 Rua Conselheiros Crispiniano, became a testament to INVADER’s ability to seamlessly blend pixels with the pulse of the city.

Tile Triumph: The INVADER Aesthetic

  • SP26, like many of INVADER’s works, took the form of tiles meticulously arranged to craft pixelated images. Each tile was a pixel, contributing to the larger mosaic that transformed São Paulo’s streets into a digital canvas.

The INVADER Ecosystem: More Than Pixels

Collaborative Echoes: Eduardo Saretta’s Involvement

  • Beyond the pixels, SP26 carries echoes of collaboration. Eduardo Saretta played a role in the realization of this pixelated invasion, adding layers of creative synergy to São Paulo’s artistic narrative.

Digital Invaders: Links and Alternate Views

  • For those eager to delve into the digital invasion, INVADER provides an alternate view through a YouTube video. Additionally, the official INVADER website,, serves as a portal to the artist’s expansive pixelated universe.

Rights and Recognition: INVADER’s Stamped Authority

Guardians of the Pixels: Fran Parente and INVADER

  • The rights to SP26 are held by INVADER, with Fran Parente contributing to the visual narrative. Their collaboration ensures that the pixelated legacy of São Paulo remains preserved.

Conclusion: SP26’s Pixel Symphony in São Paulo

  • SP26 stands not just as an artwork but as a pixelated symphony echoing through São Paulo’s streets. INVADER’s invasion transcends the physical, inviting onlookers to immerse themselves in the digital tapestry woven pixel by pixel.

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