SP30: Invader’s Iconic Installation in São Paulo

sp30 invader

French street artist INVADER, known for his distinctive pixelated mosaic creations inspired by classic video games, made a significant mark in São Paulo, Brazil, with his installation titled SP30. This artwork became a pivotal part of the “Invasão São Paulo” map, invading 52 spots across the city in August 2011.

Invader: Pioneer of Street Art

Born in 1969 in France, INVADER rose to prominence as a key figure in the global street art movement. His unique style, derived from the iconic Space Invaders game, involves creating mosaic artworks using tiles that resemble pixels, paying homage to the early era of video gaming.

São Paulo Street Art Scene

In 2011/2013, INVADER left his artistic footprint on Avenida Auro Soares de Moura Andrade in São Paulo, Brazil, marking his territory in this vibrant city’s street art landscape. This particular installation, SP30, added a pixelated touch to the urban scenery, inviting passersby to engage with his nostalgic and visually captivating mosaic.

The Invasão São Paulo Map

INVADER’s involvement in the “Invasão São Paulo” map, infiltrating various locations across the city, contributed to the cultural richness and diversity of São Paulo’s street art scene. The mosaic installations, including SP30, became sought-after landmarks for art enthusiasts and locals alike.

Tile Artistry and Legacy

SP30, characterized by INVADER’s meticulous tile-based artwork, stood as a testament to his technical prowess and innovative approach to street art. The installation echoed his commitment to transforming urban spaces into pixelated masterpieces, leaving a lasting legacy in São Paulo’s streets.

Rights and Recognition

The rights to INVADER’s SP30 installation are attributed to the artist himself, as well as fran parente, ensuring the preservation and acknowledgment of this significant artwork in São Paulo. This pixelated masterpiece remains a testament to INVADER’s influence on the global street art movement.

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For more information about INVADER’s work, Eduardo Saretta, and the SP30 installation, additional details and a video link are available through Eduardo Saretta’s page and INVADER’s official website, allowing art enthusiasts to delve deeper into the artist’s creative journey.

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INVADER’s SP30 installation stands as a symbol of artistic innovation and creative expression, leaving an indelible mark in São Paulo’s street art history.

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