Tatiana Suarez: Crafting Street Art Masterpieces in Sweden

tatiana suarez artscape 2017 tatiana suarez

Tatiana Suarez, a prominent street artist, left an unforgettable mark in Sweden through her mural titled “Sjörået” as part of ARTSCAPE 2017 in Malmö. Her creative prowess and artistic vision graced the streets of Sunne, Sweden, where she brought life to her mural.

ARTSCAPE 2017: A Canvas for Expression

The year 2017 witnessed the infusion of art into the public sphere, with Tatiana Suarez utilizing the ARTSCAPE platform to exhibit her creative brilliance. Her mural “Sjörået” stands tall as a testament to her talent and dedication to the art of street painting.

“Sjörået” by Tatiana Suarez

The mural “Sjörået” crafted by Tatiana Suarez stands as a remarkable specimen of her mastery with spray paint as a medium. Through this mural, Suarez’s artistic movement thrived within the realm of street art, demonstrating her unique style and expressive capabilities.

Sunne, Sweden: The Birthplace of Artistry

Sunne, Sweden, became the birthplace of Tatiana Suarez’s mural masterpiece in 2017. Her mural, created within the confines of the city’s streets, became a celebrated addition to the vibrant art scene of Malmö, Sweden.

Street Art Movement and Medium

Tatiana Suarez’s contribution to the street art movement, primarily executed with spray paint, showcases her dedication to this artistic movement. Her mural, a testament to the evolving landscape of street art, stands as a visual spectacle within the genre.

Title: Tatiana Suarez – ARTSCAPE 2017
Creator: Tatiana Suarez
Date Created: 2017
Location Created: Sunne, Sweden
Type: Mural painting
Medium: Spray paint
Art Movement: Street Art

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