Teachr’s Artistic Tutorial at Gabba Gallery, Andrea LaHue

teachr teachen at gabba andrea lahue teachr and jason ostro

Unveiling the Collaborative Canvas

In the vibrant art scene of Los Angeles, California, the collaboration between street artist Teachr and painter Jason Ostro takes center stage in a unique project titled Teachr teachen at Gabba, Andrea LaHue. Facilitated by Random Act Projects in April 2014, this collaborative endeavor unfolded at the renowned Gabba Gallery, leaving an indelible mark on the urban canvas.

The Collaborators: Teachr and Jason Ostro

  • Title: Teachr teachen at Gabba, Andrea LaHue
  • Creator: Teachr, Jason Ostro
  • Date Created: April 2014
  • Physical Location: 3126 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90057
  • Location Created: Los Angeles, California, USA

Teachr, a prominent figure in the street art scene, joins forces with the painter Jason Ostro to bring their creative visions to life on the walls of the Gabba Gallery. This collaborative effort blurs the lines between street art and traditional painting, showcasing the dynamic synergy between the two artists.

The Artistic Tutorial: Teachr’s Stencil Lesson

As part of the project, Teachr takes on the role of an artistic mentor, demonstrating the intricate art of stencil creation. This live tutorial unfolds within the vibrant space of the Gabba Gallery, providing onlookers with a firsthand glimpse into the creative process behind Teachr’s distinctive stencil technique.

Jason Ostro’s Signature Style

The backdrop against which Teachr imparts his stencil wisdom is painted by Jason Ostro in his signature style. Ostro’s contribution adds depth and context to the collaborative piece, creating a visual dialogue between Teachr’s stencil artistry and Ostro’s painterly expressions.

The Location: Gabba Gallery

  • Subject Keywords: The Gabba Gallery
  • Rights: Andrea LaHue

The Gabba Gallery, situated at 3126 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90057, serves as the physical and conceptual space for this collaborative project. The venue, known for its commitment to showcasing diverse and innovative art forms, becomes the backdrop for Teachr and Ostro’s artistic exploration.

Captured Moments: Andrea LaHue’s Photography

The photographic documentation of this collaboration is credited to Andrea LaHue. Through her lens, the moments of Teachr’s tutorial, the amalgamation of stencil and painted background, and the overall ambiance of the Gabba Gallery are preserved, allowing a broader audience to experience the project vicariously.


Teachr teachen at Gabba, Andrea LaHue represents more than a collaboration between artists; it is an artistic tutorial, a visual dialogue, and a celebration of the intersection between street art and traditional painting. In the heart of Los Angeles, at the Gabba Gallery, Teachr and Jason Ostro’s collaborative canvas stands as a testament to the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of artistic expression in the urban landscape.

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