RAM: Shaping Perspectives with Street Art

the difference between space and time isE2%80%A6 ram

Artwork Insight

  • Title: The difference between space and time is…
  • Creator: RAM
  • Creator Lifespan: 1976
  • Creator Nationality: Portuguese
  • Creator Gender: Male
  • Creator Birth Place: Portugal
  • Date: 2013-05-01
  • Location Created: Rua Rodrigues de Faria, LXFactory, Lisboa, District – Lisboa; Country – Portugal
  • Technique: Aerosol
  • Physical Dimensions: w2,00 x h3,50 x d0 m (complete)
  • Map: Location Map
  • Details: RAM’s contribution to the 3rd edition of WOOL ON TOUR, hosted by WOOL – Covilhã Urban Art Festival, holds significance in the artistic realm as a captivating and traditional eye.

Biography: RAM’s Artistic Journey

Miguel Caeiro, commonly known as RAM, is an artist whose unmistakable style has become synonymous with Portuguese street art. His origins lie in Sintra, a place embedded within the Sierra and resonating with the waves of the Atlantic. Formerly a Graphic Designer and a trainer in Design and Communication, RAM’s desire to be versatile and achieve much has been the driving force behind his artistic pursuits.

Artistic Evolution and Significance

Transitioning to freestyle graffiti, RAM has ventured into experimental and psychedelic realms, weaving his experiences into a unique graphic line. Since 2000, he has dedicated himself exclusively to street art, crafting his distinct aesthetic that stands out prominently amidst the national and international street art scenes.

RAM’s Impact and Contributions

As part of the Eastpak Art Team since 2005, RAM’s solo exhibitions, works, and collaborative projects have left an indelible mark. Noteworthy among his endeavors is the 1st Exhibition of Graffiti in Portugal (1998) and “The Factory Diaries” (2006), a video documentary chronicling the graphical occupation of abandoned spaces.

Vision for Street Art

RAM’s unwavering dedication to his craft, accompanied by his exploratory nature and international collaborations, continues to shape his art. His vision extends to a society where graffiti and street art coexist, respected and understood, forming the essence of his creative identity.

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