Alex-T: Crafting Urban Fairy Tales

the family of hedgehogs alex t

Alex-T: Crafting Urban Fairy Tales

In the heart of Ekaterinburg, Russia, the artist known as Alex-T wove a delightful narrative through the creation titled “The Family of Hedgehogs.” This endearing piece, born in August 2014, stands as a testament to Alex-T’s ability to infuse urban landscapes with whimsy.

Chronicles of Creation: August 2014

“The Family of Hedgehogs” emerged from the artist’s imagination in the warm days of August 2014. Alex-T, known for his unique storytelling through street art, chose the vibrant streets of Ekaterinburg to share this enchanting tale.

Location Unveiled: Ekaterinburg, Popova 9

The canvas for this artistic tale is situated at Popova 9 in Ekaterinburg, Russia. The coordinates 60.591028° N latitude and 56.834422° E longitude pinpoint the exact spot where “The Family of Hedgehogs” comes to life, contributing to the cultural tapestry of Ekaterinburg.

A Glimpse into the Tale: The Family of Hedgehogs

The title hints at the narrative within— a heartwarming portrayal of a hedgehog family. Alex-T’s choice of subject matter brings a touch of nature and innocence to the urban landscape, inviting passersby to pause and immerse themselves in this urban fairy tale.

Conclusion: Alex-T’s Urban Enchantment

As we explore the details of “The Family of Hedgehogs,” we catch a glimpse of Alex-T’s unique ability to blend fantasy with urban reality. Ekaterinburg, with Popova 9 as its backdrop, becomes a stage for Alex-T’s urban enchantment—a testament to the power of street art to transform and uplift the spirit.

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