“Union”: A Creation by Romain Froquet

  • Birth Year: 1982
  • Nationality: French
  • Gender: Male

Romain Froquet, a French artist known for his distinctive style and creative prowess, contributed to the street art scene with a notable creation titled “Union” in 2012. His artistic journey encompasses a diverse range of expressions and mediums.

“Union”: A Creation by Romain Froquet

The piece “Union” emerged in Paris, France, in 2012, signifying Froquet’s engagement with the city’s urban landscape. Unfortunately, specific details regarding the visual elements or thematic content of this artwork remain relatively scarce, contributing to the mysterious allure surrounding Froquet’s creation.

Romain Froquet’s Artistry

Froquet’s artistic repertoire extends beyond street art, encompassing various forms such as painting, drawing, and mural creation. His style often fuses vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and abstract forms, creating visually captivating compositions that resonate with audiences.

Collaboration with 9eme Concept

“Union” is associated with the collective 9eme Concept, indicating Froquet’s collaboration or involvement with this renowned group of artists. The synergy between Froquet and 9eme Concept potentially facilitated the creation of a piece that melded individual artistic styles into a collective expression.

Legacy and Impact

Despite the limited information available about “Union,” Romain Froquet’s presence within the street art realm persists as a testament to his innovative vision and creative evolution. His contributions to the Parisian street art scene and his collaboration with collectives like 9eme Concept contribute to his enduring legacy.


Romain Froquet’s “Union” serves as a testament to the artist’s engagement with the urban environment and his creative expression within the streets of Paris. While details regarding the specific visual elements of the artwork remain elusive, Froquet’s artistic legacy endures, showcasing his talent and leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of street art in France.

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