The Unknown Mural

unknown chris daze ellis

In the heart of Baton Rouge, United States, a mural by the renowned artist CHRIS “DAZE” ELLIS emerges as a tribute to the rich history of Old South Baton Rouge. Created on July 15, 2014, this mural, marked as “unknown,” becomes a beacon of artistic expression in the city.

The Unknown Mural

  • Title: unknown
  • Creator: CHRIS “DAZE” ELLIS
  • Date Created: 2014-07-15
  • Physical Location: 12th and Myrtle St, Baton Rouge, LA, USA
  • Location Created: 12th and Myrtle St, Baton Rouge, LA, USA

CHRIS “DAZE” ELLIS: The Artistic Maestro

Known by his artistic moniker “DAZE,” CHRIS ELLIS has left an indelible mark on the global street art scene. With a career spanning decades, DAZE is celebrated for his unique style that combines classic art techniques with vibrant urban expression. His works often tell stories, capturing the essence of the communities they adorn.

A Tribute to Old South Baton Rouge

The mural at 12th and Myrtle St in Baton Rouge is more than just pigment on a wall; it’s a tribute. DAZE, with his characteristic flair, pays homage to the cultural heritage and historical significance of Old South Baton Rouge. The mural becomes a visual narrative, echoing the stories of the past and celebrating the resilience of the community.

Baton Rouge’s Artistic Tapestry

Situated at the crossroads of 12th and Myrtle St, the mural seamlessly integrates into Baton Rouge’s artistic tapestry. DAZE’s choice of location transforms the intersection into a dynamic outdoor gallery, inviting passersby to engage with the mural’s narrative and connect with the cultural roots it represents.

The Physical and Creative Intersection

The physical location of the mural mirrors its creative essence. At the intersection of 12th and Myrtle St, DAZE’s work symbolizes the intersection of art and community, where creativity converges with the historical landscape of Old South Baton Rouge.


CHRIS “DAZE” ELLIS’s unknown mural at 12th and Myrtle St in Baton Rouge stands as a testament to the transformative power of art. Through his distinctive style and storytelling prowess, DAZE brings to life a mural that not only pays homage to Old South Baton Rouge but also becomes an integral part of the city’s artistic legacy. As the colors and narratives blend at the intersection, DAZE’s mural continues to be a vibrant expression of cultural celebration and community pride.

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