The Artist: ACRA

untitled acra

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, the artist known as ACRA contributed an untitled piece as part of the Tigre 100×100 festival in January 2013. This mural showcased ACRA’s creative vision and was created within the framework of Estilo Libre.

The Artist: ACRA

ACRA, an Argentine street artist, made an impact within the Buenos Aires street art scene. Recognized for their contributions, ACRA’s identity and background often remain shrouded, allowing their artwork to speak for itself.

Location and Artistic Expression

The untitled mural by ACRA adorned the walls of 9 de Julio, Dique Luján in Buenos Aires. This mural represented ACRA’s style, reflecting a unique form of street art that engaged viewers and added to the cultural vibrancy of the city.

Context within Tigre 100×100 Festival

ACRA’s creation was part of the Tigre 100×100 festival, signifying the artist’s involvement within a festival dedicated to celebrating art and creativity. The festival provided a platform for artists like ACRA to showcase their talent.

Type and Artistic Impact

This street art piece falls within the realm of graffiti and mural painting, demonstrating ACRA’s proficiency in utilizing urban spaces as canvases to express ideas, emotions, or messages through visual artistry.


ACRA’s untitled mural, created as part of the Tigre 100×100 festival in January 2013, stands as a testament to the artist’s contribution to Buenos Aires’ street art culture. While details about ACRA may remain undisclosed, their artwork on 9 de Julio, Dique Luján, continues to captivate viewers, emphasizing the role of street art in shaping and enlivening the city’s visual landscape.

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