Creator Profile: Adellatif Moustad

untitled adellatif moustad

Adellatif Moustad, a Moroccan artist, left an indelible mark on the global street art scene with his creation, “untitled.” Executed in 2014, this acrylic masterpiece stands as a testament to Moustad’s ability to blend cultural influences with artistic expression, transcending borders and capturing the essence of the urban landscape.

Creator Profile: Adellatif Moustad

  • Title: untitled
  • Creator: Adellatif Moustad
  • Creator Nationality: Moroccan
  • Creator Gender: Male
  • Date: 2014
  • Location Created: Erriadh, Djerba, Tunisia
  • Location (Longitude): 10.854128
  • Location (Latitude): 33.821254
  • Provenance: Galerie Itinerrance
  • Type: Acrylic
  • Rights: © Galerie Itinerrance – Aline Deschamps

A Fusion of Cultures: “untitled” in Djerba, Tunisia

“Untitled” emerged as part of the Street Art 13 project in Paris, France. However, Moustad chose to extend his artistic reach beyond borders, creating this particular masterpiece in Erriadh, Djerba, Tunisia. The juxtaposition of Moroccan heritage and the Tunisian backdrop infuses the artwork with a rich cultural tapestry.

Provenance and Curation: Galerie Itinerrance

The provenance of “untitled” is attributed to Galerie Itinerrance, a prominent gallery known for fostering street art projects and showcasing the works of both established and emerging artists. Aline Deschamps, associated with Galerie Itinerrance, ensures the curation and preservation of Moustad’s creation.

Medium of Expression: Acrylic Brilliance

Moustad’s choice of acrylic as the medium for “untitled” demonstrates his mastery of various artistic tools. The vibrant hues and intricate details brought to life through acrylic paint showcase the artist’s technical prowess and his ability to convey a powerful visual narrative.

Rights and Ownership: A Collaborative Endeavor

The rights to “untitled” are rightfully owned by Galerie Itinerrance, emphasizing the collaborative nature of the street art world. Moustad’s creation becomes a shared cultural asset, inviting viewers to engage with its symbolism and appreciate the collective effort that goes into the curation and preservation of such artworks.

Geographical Coordinates: Mapping Artistic Significance

The geographical coordinates (longitude: 10.854128, latitude: 33.821254) of “untitled” in Erriadh, Djerba, Tunisia, not only pinpoint the physical location of the artwork but also serve as markers of cultural intersections. Moustad’s deliberate choice of location adds layers of meaning to the piece, making it a dialogue between art and the environment.

Legacy Beyond Borders: Moustad’s Impact

While “untitled” may be a single piece in Moustad’s portfolio, its impact reaches far beyond the streets of Djerba. Moustad, through his art, becomes a cultural ambassador, bridging communities and fostering a global appreciation for the diverse narratives embedded in street art.

Preserving the Essence: Galerie Itinerrance’s Commitment

Galerie Itinerrance’s commitment to preserving and showcasing street art ensures that Moustad’s “untitled” continues to be a source of inspiration and contemplation. The gallery’s role extends beyond curation; it becomes a guardian of artistic legacies, nurturing the ongoing dialogue between creators, viewers, and the ever-evolving world of street art.

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