Creator: C215

untitled c 215

Creator: C215

Creator Nationality: French

Creator Gender: Male

Creator Birth Place: France

Date: 2010

Location Created: Via Ignazio Persico 73 – Garbatella district, Rome, Italy

Productions: Outdoor – Un Buon Motivo Per Uscire di Casa

Photographer’s Name: Gloria Viggiani

The Enigmatic World of C215

In the heart of Rome’s Garbatella district, an unassuming wall on Via Ignazio Persico 73 became the canvas for the renowned French street artist C215 in 2010. The untitled piece, part of the Outdoor project titled “Un Buon Motivo Per Uscire di Casa” (A Good Reason to Leave Home), stands as a testament to C215’s mastery of stencil art.

A Glimpse Into the Artist’s Identity

  • Birthplace and Nationality: C215, a male artist, hails from France.
  • Date of Creation: The artwork was born in 2010, marking a moment in the rich tapestry of Rome’s street art scene.
  • Photographer’s Lens: Capturing the essence of C215’s creation was Gloria Viggiani, the photographer responsible for immortalizing this piece.

The Artistic Process: Poster, Handmade Cutting

C215’s distinctive style is characterized by an intricate and detailed approach to stencil and graffiti art. The untitled piece in Rome is no exception. Crafted with meticulous precision, the artwork is not just a mural but a convergence of storytelling and visual allure. The medium chosen for this endeavor is a poster, and the handmade cutting technique employed adds a layer of craftsmanship to the overall composition.

Exploring C215’s Artistic Journey

C215, residing and working in Paris, emerged onto the street art scene in 2005, armed with spray cans and a vision. His artistic journey has taken him across the globe, adorning walls with his distinctive portraits. What sets C215 apart is his profound admiration for classical portraiture, which translates into captivating renditions of individuals who inspire his creativity.

Beyond Walls: Poetry and Collaborative Art

In addition to his street art pursuits, C215 has diversified his artistic expression. Over the years, he has delved into poetry and collaborative art events. The artist has published illustrated poetry books and orchestrated collective street art exhibitions, such as the intriguing “Giardino Segreto Giapponese” project in Paris.

Connecting Through the Web: External Link

For those eager to delve deeper into C215’s world and explore more of his captivating creations, an external link here provides a gateway to further insights and experiences.

Conclusion: C215’s Living Legacy

C215’s untitled masterpiece in Rome stands as more than just street art; it is a testament to an artist’s ability to weave narratives through intricate stencil work. With each piece, C215 enriches the global street art panorama, leaving an indelible mark on the walls he touches.

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